Introduction to The Organic Carbon | Our Story

Organic Carbon is a venture that commenced looking at the need for authentic food
products in India. By going back to the traditional method of milk production and
farming, we started our journey with the mission to change the prevailing commercial
practices of compromising the quality of food products for short-term monetary gains.
Our brand strives to unearth the almost limitless possibilities available with the
traditional farming practices prevalent in our country for centuries. By reviving the
ancestral knowledge in the realm of farming and cattle rearing, we also seek to undo the
harm inflicted on our Mother Nature.

Organic Carbon, the name itself, is derived from the term carbon, which stands as one
of the most abundantly found elements in the earth’s crust. The presence of carbon
enriches the soil by supplying necessary nutrients to the food. Unfortunately, the
overuse of chemical fertilizers has negatively impacted the soil and changed its texture,
properties, and even utility. Unethical farming techniques lead to the exposure and
release of harmful carbon compounds directly into the atmosphere. It acts as a
significant contributor to the rise of global warming worldwide.

Mass production and hybridization of seeds have also threatened the fertility of the soil
and led to the endangerment of indigenous seeds. As a result, most of the food we
consume today is of lower quality and has a reduced nutritional value.

At Organic Carbon, we intend to revolutionize the agricultural sector by adopting
regenerative farming techniques and organic dairy farming methods. We strive to
produce food products with high nutritional value that shall ensure your family’s better

To promote a sustainable lifestyle, we practice regenerative farming that involves the
use of natural cow dung as a fertilizer. It boosts soil fertility and encourages the growth
of beneficial microbes. We prevent crossbreeding of seeds by inculcating indigenous
seeds that have not been in use for years.

Organic Carbon puts great emphasis on the way it produces its dairy products. We are
aware that milk is the source of daily protein for Indian households. The consumption of
our delicious and natural A2 milk products can give you numerous benefits needed to
sustain a healthy body.

Our vision is to bring to light the boons of ethical farming practices and curtail ecological
damage. We wish to foster a community of smart consumers who are environmentally
conscious and consume safe and organic food. We encourage the local farmers to
adopt regenerative farming practices and create profitable frameworks to improve their

Organic Carbon has a completely distinct approach to undertaking farming. We exercise
Climate-Smart Digital Framing and regenerative farming techniques with zero chemical
fertilizers and pesticides.

Our farmers use indigenous seeds that are nutritionally dense and automate irrigation,
sowing, spraying, and land preparation. For the betterment of the crops, we utilize
hydroponic and polyhouse shade nets. We integrate technology for efficiency and use
drones for collecting crop data for analytics and ensure the crop remains untouched.
Our products are deprived of adulteration, artificial insemination, destructive innovation
by hormone injection, and excessive dependency on plastic. By keeping a constant
check on our production techniques, we provide premier quality A2 Cow Milk, A2 Buffalo Milk, and A2 Milk products like A2 ghee and A2 paneer coupled with other essentials such as spices, Alphonso
mangoes, organic rice, bread, natural sweeteners, and organic veggies.

If you want to be a part of the change, then this is the opportunity for you. Through
Organic Carbon, you can not just assure your dear family’s well-being but also
contribute to a sustainable future.

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